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In the day of increasing inter connectivity, brands have become more vulnerable than ever before. At BrandCares we offer a bespoke services for all business types and sizes. One size does not fit all, and our intellectual and efficient software is able to offer a continuous fight against these digital pirates.

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Social Media​​

Over intelligent software, detects Pirated contents, not only on the web but main platforms of social media too.

Search Engines

We detect and delist URLs on the web to prevent pirates from succeeding.

Apps Proctection

The creation of fraudent apps, by digital pirates; proposes danger for businesses and your customers. Our goal is to prevent the influx of these apps.

Print Media protection

Writing is a skill and should be protected. your articles, stories and books are asserts.

Digital media protection

We protect live media, videos movies and clips on many platforms. Assuring 24/7 monitoring.


A dedicated analyst's team who focuses on pirated content on youtube.

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At BrandCares, we believe in three core principles, prevent, protect and eradicate. We stand by this, so that your company sales and reputations are not hindered by digital pirates.

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